About us

Our Philosophy

An alumni of The Valley School, Bangalore, Dipika’s time there shaped her personality and the way she thinks about and views her life and those around her.  J Krishnamurthy’s philosophy, in one way or the other, seems to be imbibed by every student passing out from the KFI schools. This philosophy in particular, along with Taoism and the Zen philosophy shaped Dipika’s life to what it is today. She is a non-conformist and likes to look at things through a unique lens. She always tends to do things outside the box, and almost all her ideas have come outside, rather than, inside the box.

Her upbringing also plays a key role in shaping her personality. Her father was a deeply positive man who believed that everything and everyone had a good side. He taught her to trust easy and take things at face value. First impressions never bothered or mattered to him. His outgoing, dynamic nature and his unshakable belief in humanity has left a lasting impression on Dipika, as she has imbibed all these qualities and made them her own. She has no issues calling a spade a spade and can easily make conversation with strangers, often asking personal questions that others would balk at.

Maiya Publishing was created in 2015 in order to publish Dipika’s mother, Krishna Kumari’s biography. After meeting with innumerable publishers and agents, she decided she was better off publishing this book herself. Once the process of registration started to take shape, Dipika realised she could extend her vast database to help other new authors as well. Maiya Publishing has since, become a one-stop-solution for authors who want to have absolute control over their books. Ultimately, her wish is to change the way publishers think of authors and vice versa.